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Company Profile

Based in Switzerland, Economy & Law Translation has been supporting leading companies, banks, the Swiss Federal Administration and individuals with translation services. The business owners, Ivona Falda and Gabriele Alleva, look forward to fostering personal contact with clients.

Technical and Linguistic Accuracy
With an emphasis on the highest possible degree of translation quality, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of services, and a client-focused service mentality.

Our small network of leading specialists ensures that all orders are executed reliably and to deadline.

We ensure that the quality and accuracy of our translations is impeccable:

  • The target language of any document is always crafted by a native speaker. This ensures linguistic elegance and the avoidance of involuntary stylistic blunders. The result is a translation that sounds like it was originally written in the target language.
  • Our translators only work on texts from the specialist areas in which they possess the requisite in-depth knowledge.
  • Every translation is subjected to a rigorous quality control procedure before delivery.

We are flexible in our response to your wishes - even when time is at a premium. We look forward to serving all of your translation needs.